3 Teas’ Secrets You Never Knew

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There are so many delicious and health boosting teas to drink including hibiscus, jasmine, oolong, white tea, and peppermint.

For those who have not dived into the tea drinker’s club, here are my top 3 teas that I drink and enjoy regularly:

  • black tea
  • green tea
  • matcha tea

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1. Black Tea

Black Tea is definitely one of my favorite teas because of its rich taste. It’s not bitter or sweet. It has a dark, earthy, and wholesome flavor.

It is one of the most common teas on the market. Black tea can be found at nearly every supermarket at an affordable price.

I can enjoy mine by simply brewing hot water and add the black tea bag. You can even add almond milk to make it into a healthy and creamy milk tea!

Health benefits of black tea:

  • powerful antioxidants
  • decrease inflammation
  • decrease risk of heart disorders
  • reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic (too much cholesterol) humans
  • reduces risk of stroke
  • prevents risk of cancer & inhibits cancerous cells
  • decreases blood glucose and improves insulin

click here to see the full article on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Black tea can help diabetics, stroke patients, and decreases your risk of cancer

2. Green Tea

Green Tea is another great tea with many positive health benefits!

Compared to black tea, green tea has a lighter taste. It has a fresh and calming aroma.

Green Tea brewing is also simple, add a green tea bag to a steaming cup of hot water. After 2 minutes, remove the tea bag or else it will become bitter.

Health benefits of green tea (according to Dr. Mike):

Click here to view 7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it | Doctor Mike

More green tea powers:

  • decreases risk of degenerative and neurodegenerative (Alzheimer & Parkinson’s) diseases
  • protects against hip fractures
  • has recently been shown to have anti-obesity and anti-diabetic effects

Make sure to read the full study (especially pre-meds) here

3. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is my new favorite! It is originally from Japan. Matcha tea has a rich green color that has healthy and bright appearance.

I recommend Matcha over regular green tea because it has much more health benefits!

When making matcha, young tea leaves are grounded into a fine powder to capture all the essential nutrients. Whereas, when making green tea, the leaves are simply boiled and you do not get as much of the healthy nutrients from the plant.

This is why Matcha is more expensive than regular teas.

Once at Starbucks, I ordered a boiling hot Matcha tea latte. It was bitter and caused me to dislike matcha. The truth is good quality Matcha is not bitter but slightly sweet.

Health Benefits of Matcha

  • decrease or inhibit cell damage
  • lower risk of chronic diseases (illness persisting for a long time or a re occuring illness)
  • has more catechins (antioxidant compounds) than any other green tea
  • prevent kidney and liver damage
  • helps with faster reaction times, focuses the mind, and recall of information

read the full article and studies from Healthline here


Here are my top 3 favorite teas to try:

  • black tea
  • green tea
  • matcha tea

pharmacy tech tip: Remember to drink tea moderately on a daily basis. Some say 3-5 is safe unless you have a sensitivity to caffeine. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about all dietary supplements including tea when on certain medications because of potential interactions.

disclaimer: remember correlation does not equal causation. Many studies are still needed to prove the health effects of tea. Regard tea and health benefits as merely an association.

Other great teas:

What is your favorite tea?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below!

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