3 genius ways to increase your studying motivation

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If you are getting bored in online college classes here are 3 ways to make studying more interesting and enjoyable!

1. Study in Different Environments!

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When you get bored studying at your desk try different places to study.

Find inspiration in nature. You can totally hop in your car and drive to a place with beautiful scenery.

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2. Take a walk or exercise

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Exercise totally helps you to clear your mind.

When writing an essay or tackling a different learning concept, take time away from it. Then, come back to it after working out.

You might see an incredible new perspective!

Even walking outside and coming back really helps to focus the mind.

3. Make studying fun!

Here are simple ways to make studying more fun and interactive during online class:

  • Have a schedule
  • take frequent breaks
  • have an accountability partner
  • have online study buddies
  • ask questions regularly in your professor’s conference period
  • have fun school supplies
  • get a planner
  • write down small tasks and check them off when you complete them
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