DIY Food Photography Backdrop On A Budget

Are you starting food photography on a budget? Try making this easy 3 step textured DIY food photography backdrop today.

Hey friends,

As a beginner at food photography, I found a lot of the props and tools the pros recommended to be highly expensive.

That’s why I created my food photography backdrop with household items I had around the house.

Today I will teach you how to make your own personalized backdrop if you are on a budget.

Materials for DIY Food Photography Backdrop On A Budget

  • wooden board
  • paint
  • texture agent (like non-toxic putty)
  • paint knife
  • paint brush

Directions for DIY Food Photography Backdrop On A Budget

  1. Apply texture agent on the board using paint knife.
  2. When texture agent dries, apply paint using the brush.
  3. Wait for paint to dry and your backdrop is ready to style.

I haven’t tried this but, if you are using two paints:

You can add a darker paint before you apply the texture agent to create depth.

But you can also add a darker paint after the texture agent and then the lighter paint.

Tips for creating a DIY Food Photography Backdrop On A Budget

Don’t skip on texture!

Create texture by adding a non-toxic texture agent like wall putty. Texture and detail improve your photos a lot.

Don’t know what color to pick?

I highly recommend an all white backdrop.

An all white backdrop allows you to increase your image’s saturation and exposure without having to worry about the background colors.

It can also highlight your food as the sole focus of the image.

From personal experience, clean white photos have more interactions and views on social media.

But, chose whatever color you like, these are only tips I have from my experiences.

Here’s a photo with my DIY food photography backdrop.

Obviously, I’m still learning how to take great photos!

Here’s another photo with my Cottage Core Craft | Easy Hanging Flower Bouquet.

A white backdrop allows me to increase the saturation of the flowers without compromising the background.

Thanks for reading my post on DIY Food Photography Backdrop On A Budget.

I’m doing more DIY posts like this soon. If you try it, let me know how it went.

See you in my next post.



Do you have any food photography tips?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

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